Ellingsen Indutech

Engineers and valve specialists. 

Valves, actuators and pipeline accessories to the industrial and marine sector. 

Ellingsen Indutech AS represent and distribute valves and actuators from well known companies in Europe, Taiwan and China. We have special expertise in package supplies and deliveries world-wide. 



New products for the Marine Market

Skrevet den 10.08.2022, 00.00

Ellingsen Indutech AS is proud to announce that we have entered into a representative agreement with Wouter Witzel.

Adams: Carbon Capture

Skrevet den 20.05.2021, 00.00

Carbon (CO2) capture and storage (CCS) is a series of processes targeted at reducing CO2 emissions from industrial proc...

Sikkerhetsventiler for hydrogen fra Göetze

Skrevet den 20.05.2021, 00.00

Ellingsen Indutech tilbyr sikkerhetsventiler for hydrogen fra Göetze.